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.jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif allowed. 1 MB maximum.
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Remember to test a configured QR code first before printing or downloading it. Just use your mobile phone to easily perform a test directly from the screen. This way, you ensure correct operation before putting the QR code into practice. Safety first!

QR code with text

A QR code with text is a convenient way to share information without having to print or type long texts.
With a QR scanner, anyone can view the text directly on their smartphone.

How to create a QR code with text?

It's very simple! Just follow these steps:

1.Enter your text:

Type or paste the text you want to encode in the QR code into the field provided. This could be anything, such as a website URL, a contact details, a menu, or a poem.


2. Design your QR code:

Make your QR code unique! Choose colours, add a frame or logo or change the style. This is how to make your QR code unique and recognisable


3. Download your QR code:

Did you finish designing? Download the QR code as a PNG, JPG, WEBP or SVG file. You can now print it, share it online.

You now have a QR code with text that you can use to share information in an easy and efficient way


  • Use short, simple text for best scanning results.
  • Always test your QR code before using it.
  • Choose in Options to increase error correction to M or Q for a more scannable QR code.

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